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Leaving Sugar Mountain, by Fagmedia, Makes Videos about Education, Homeschooling, Free Speech, The Corrupt Political Establishment, Human Rights, Entertainment/Propaganda, with a focus on Sexology, Health Promotion & Politics! We read articles, with commentary, we find online that we believe will be of interest to our subscribers from the above topics and extending to Petcare.


We believe that there is NO Right/Left Paradigm amongst the hidden rulers at the top of the food chain & their visible Overseers. It is clear that the Corrupt Political Establishment are all in bed together having a “UniParty” but the only people being screwed are grassroots people from all works of life.

Our President has a Professional Background & University Qualifications including a Grad Dip of Communications in Photomedia, A Post-Grad-Dip in Public Health/Health Promotion/Sexology/Addiction Studies with a Bachelors Double Major Degree in English/Religious Studies. We’re interested in the human search for meaning in this uncertain world.

We’re not interested in the Faux Culture War but we are interested in developing ideas & contributing to Conversations within the Communities we work in. Our Videos are currently on Bitchute, Rumble, Odysee We’re on various “alternative” Social media platforms & Nanny Facebook where We RT/Share & Promote Patriots!

Fagmedia is not Gay! We’re really beyond the standard shallow stereotypes, enforced binaries & Orientations being pushed by the Toxic LGBTQ+++ Agenda & we actively promote the truth that “There is No P in LGBTQ”! We also are Happy Supporters of the New & Fabulous Super Straight, Super Gay, Super Lesbian and Super Bi Communities.

We believe the most scientifically accurate, inclusive, fair & balanced and therefore the Best, Correct terminology to use is the “LGB, HIV & Trans Communities”. This respects all the competing ideologies and refrains from unnecessary insult while avoiding being forced into using the ever changing alphabet soup which even professionals find hard to comprehend.

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