The Fagmedia Christmas Rights Watch Message 2021

This is the Very Official, Most Official (and Late) Christmas 2021 Message from #Fagmedia.

We cover the Leftist Segregationist Health Policies that are making being openly “ageist, #racist, HIV phobic” the new normal. Virtue Signals instead of substantive Relationships, sans unresolved conflicts of interest, that empowers Souls towards goodness.

Fagmedia’s Christmas Messages are always a Rights Watch. We acknowledge our debt to the Anons and Folks we know the names of, the Meme Makers who have enriched our content. Thanks.

To be a part of the WAAC 2022 HIV and Ageing Forum contact the WA AIDS Council via We understand #WAAC needs HIV+ to help Mother Gretta’s Sub Committee, to help Lisa, organise the event. We know CEO Lisa Dobrin wants everyone to be welcome, included and for panelists prepared to answer serious questions from The Queen’s Subjects and ready to come up with an Action Plan that is realistic and fixes things. Call Lisa if you are ready to help. (08) 9482 0000

Make sure you paws and stop to read the Memes. They are funny and Informative. Egregious is Back! But more subtle, passive aggressive and we are not afraid of mocking power for your cheap and cheerful amusement.

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