The Help Desk April 2021

Miss Manners Checks Nuts on The Help Desk April 2021

This is an “Emergency” Broadcast Edition of the Help Desk to provide a quick workshop on Good Manners for Adults from: & some Special Sisterly Education for Men on Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.

We also provide information to Promote the Perth International AIDS Candlelight Memorial on 16 May 2021 Will the AIDS Council Make the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial in Perth Fabulous Again?

After they totally erased the Top 3 Health Conditions from the WA LGBTI Health Strategy We Call upon the LGB, HIV & Trans Community Organisations and Leaders to do more than send a couple of meaningless tweets with dodgy statistics, to prevent LGBT Domestic Violence. LGB, HIV & Trans People effected by & trapped in situations of Violence need meaningful strategies to help them escape & for Organisations to stop Protecting Perpetrators of Domestic Violence by refusing to discuss the issue.

As usual we provide “funny, fabulous & fortful” Memes & videos to compliment our serious messages. Please Rumble, Subscribe and Share. The Abbey of the Black Swan is on Facebook.

The Help Desk April 2021


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