Stand with Palestine 2021

Stand with Palestine Gallery One 2021

“Israel is the Organ Harvesting and Human Trafficking global ringleader, with complicit help from US and Turkey!” and article from Joachim Hagopian from:

“Beyond Propaganda Pinkwashing as Colonial Violence” from AL Qaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity, from Jerusalem, Occupied Palestine! From:

This video Expose Israel’s disingenuous and cynical exploitation of LGBT Rights & People in Propaganda is designed to deceive and distract from the true nature of the Occupation and Colonizing Regime while allowing for the cover up of war crimes. We find out There is no Pink Door in the Apartheid Wall! For more information then go here:

In this video we begin with a 2014 speech by Ayman Qwaider, a short video on how for 54 years Palestinians are living in a brutal Totalitarian Military Occupation by a Foreign Power &  an article “Why We Must Stand with Palestine by Shabbir Lakha  from:

Palestine Has A Right to Exist & Defend themselves is a combination of a Video from the Right Side Biz Talk Show which discusses the Fake Palestine Movements & an Article that raises the interesting concept of does Israel have a “Right to Exist as a Jewish Nation?” Israel Doesn’t Have a “Right to Exist” — But Israelis and Palestinians Do From:

This video is entitled “Israeli Pinkwashing is Racist and Islamophobic” because it is and this is a reading of an article “Pinkwashing, 2008-2011: Obituary for a hasbara strategy by Benjamin Doherty at the Electronic Intifada From:

This video is a series of promotions for Australian Rallies & Protests for Freedom May – August 2021 including Stand With Palestine, Wall Street Silver Raid as well as Perth and Australia Health Rights focused Rallies!


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