Save the Australian Dingo

Please Help Stop the Barbaric Killing of Dingoes in Australia

The Dingo is Australia’s Lion King, an Apex Predator that is essential for a balanced ecology in Australia. This
video contains footage from an original interview from September 2013 and information about Aussie Canis Dingo Day and organisation where you can inform yourself about the facts and get involved to help stop the murder of the sacred totem.
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Every Voice Counts in this fight!

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If the Australian Green Party are so concerned with THE Environment then why are are silent on the Barbaric use of 1080 Poison? 1080 Poison indiscriminately kills everything that consumes it including Nature’s opportunistic feeders such as birds and other small animals.

This is an interview with Nic Papalia a #Dingo Expert from the WA Dingo Association with #LindyTheDingo. #AustralianDingo We were shocked to discover that only one State in Australia, Victoria, protects this National Icon and we discuss the appalling lack of concern being shown by the body politic in Australia over the appallingly brutal 1080 poison baits that are threatening to make this Indigenous Totem Extinct.

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