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Fagmedia | Leaving Sugar Mountain on Subscribe Star

This is an introduction to Fagmedia Leaving Sugar Mountain on Subscribe Star. Our goal is to provide viewers with an opportunity to leave a tip if the like our work to help us offset our recent new costs associated with website & video hosting sites. Our researchers & Presenters will continue to work for free!

We Make Videos! We have Channels on Bitchute, and Rumble. Our focus includes Education, Homeschooling, Free Speech, The Corrupt Political Establishment, Human Rights and Critiques of Entertainment/Propaganda. We examine Sexology, Health Promotion, Religion and Politics! We also read articles, with commentary, that we select because we hope/believe they will be of interest to our subscribers on a range of topics which even extends to Petcare! “They are not Afraid of Speech, They are afraid of you, Free”! – We said this!

As always, we appreciate everyone who watches our videos, please Like, Share & Subscribe & thanks for your support. Our Subscribe Star Page is at



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