Fagmedia Queerty Hot Men Get Swiped Left


Hello, We are not Mason Bishop! We Are Fagmedia! We sometimes cover really important news from the gay establishment controlled press. This is a perfect example of Mr Global’s Mind Control – Neuro Linguistic Programming Department in Action! Handsome #Gay Men are the current white group that has to be demoralised by shaming by Woke Wankers from Washington’s corrupt political establishment, who no doubt, are orchestrating the fall of the West!

Original Source: https://odysee.com/@Fagmedia:2/Fagmedia-Queerty-Hot-Men-2022:f

As you can see in the Stats on the Thumbnail our Odysee Channel is doing “well” but is lacking in real signed on subscribers! I have seen stats on websites as a data collector and so I have learnt that just as Fractional Voting Software changes votes I also know that Public Stats on non #Fagmedia Sites are always a measure of the size of a PR department! #Grindr #Tinder #WAAC #Queerty

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