Exposing Pink Washing by Pink Watching Israel

In this video we Expose Israel’s disingenuous and cynical exploitation of LGBT Rights & People in #Propaganda is designed to deceive and distract from the true nature of the Occupation and Colonizing Regime while allowing for the cover up of war crimes. There is no Pink Door in the Apartheid Wall and LGBT People suffer the same violence and discrimination that all Palestinians experience daily.

“What exactly is Pinkwashing?

Israel and its supporters use several PR techniques to re-create the image of Israel in the international arena from one associated with ongoing wars, repression of Palestinians, and occupation of Palestinian lands to one associated with scientific advances, technological breakthroughs, art, culture, and equality (primarily showcasing women and LGBT people). The particular use of LGBT people to this end is what activists have called “pinkwashing”.

#Pinkwashing is the cynical use of gay rights to distract from and normalize the settler colonial and apartheid reality that the State of Israel has established on the ground.

Pinkwashing is meant to cover up these violations with a facade of progressiveness and equality. In short, Israeli pinkwashing aims to isolate queer from other identities and make its record on gay rights trump its continued occupation and brutalization of the Palestinian people”.

For more information then go here: http://www.pinkwatchingisrael.com/portfolio/pinkwashing-kit/

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