Help Desk WAAC HIV Aged Care Forum 12 April 2022


The Help Desk is pleased to be able to announce that the WAAC HIV Aged Care Forum will be on 12 April 2022 – The venue is a top secret inner city location which is available upon RSVP. We are led to believe, but we may be wrong, that it’s a day time event to allow certain Sydney VIPS to attend via Zoom without needing to do do overtime.

Sadly the Help Desk have yet to have a hard copy of the flyer sent to us which reflects rather badly on the Manager of the department that is organising the event!

We also include a number of humorous, entertaining and enlightening videos and the Sister’s have our naughty novices down on their knees praying for the miracle of the flyer’s arrival and for the event to be a fabulous success that ends the maltreatment of HIV+ People in Aged Care.

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