Israeli Pinkwashing is Racist and Islamophobic Electronic Intifada

This video is entitled “Israeli Pinkwashing is Racist and Islamophobic” because it is and this is a reading of an article “Pinkwashing, 2008-2011: Obituary for a hasbara strategy by Benjamin Doherty at the Electronic Intifada From:

“The strategy is implicitly racist and Islamophobic because it often manifests in arguments that Israel is morally superior to Palestinians in particular, and Arabs and Muslims in general, who are portrayed as inherently lacking these “progressive” values. At its core, pinkwashing is an attempt to change the subject: ‘don’t look at Gaza where we’re besieging 2 million people, look over here where we’re having a gay pride parade!”

We also provide some helpful advise and commentary to point out the base hypocrisy of First World Gays criticising Gay Rights of a country that has been under Foreign Military Occupation for over 50 years, and therefore lacks the Independent Judiciary and stable civil society that America’s Gay Marriage process demonstrated were essential. We also point out that these same Pinkwashing Gays, are silent about American Transgender Women getting murdered, HIV, the Meth addiction fuelled LGBT Domestic Violence Crisis, the USA’s dreadful Panic Laws & America’s lagging behind countries like Australia on discrimination laws. Are they being paid by Israel to spread propaganda in America, do you think?

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